Superb! Switzerland-Tour 2020

Explore a breathtaking small country in the heart of europe

Do you know the Susten Pass with its many bends that wind up to treeless heights? Good. Do you also know the Furka Pass, which descends into Valais next to the Rhone Glacier? Nice. The Grimsel Pass with the huge dam walls, the extremely steep Gelmerbahn, the moss green granite and the Totenseeli? Great. However, many others know those too, and that’s ok. How would you like to discover the real Switzerland, one of the most diverse and beautiful countries on this planet? Cruising unknown roads to tradition, culture, breath taking views and boundless amazement? What about exploring hidden and foreign places with a local tour guide? We will wander through the fairy tale world of the Green Fairy, into the Bernese Oberland and follow the wild bed of the tamed river Emme, through the lovely Emmental that has much more to offer than cheese full of holes. We will cross Central Switzerland and pass through the Zürcher Oberland on the way to a unique Toggenburg. The tradition-conscious Appenzell is home to secretive cheese, gentle hills and countless curves, which lets us know that the Alps are close by. The largest canton in Switzerland, Grisons, is known as the land of 150 valleys. We will get to know quite a few of them, some with renowned names such as Via Mala or Ruinaulta. The Canton of Ticino will briefly spoil us with its southern flair, palm trees and sun. Afterwards we will return to the rough and rugged alpine world, which will majestically welcome us and captivate us with its own unique fascination. The Superb! Switzerland Tour promises an impressive and unforgettable tour through a small country in the heart of Europe with unique and great sights.


Tuesday 26th May until Wednesday 3th June 2020


CHF 1900.– (1500.- BP) per driver and motorbike. Passenger CHF 1830.– (1450.-BP); additional cost for single room CHF 280.– (220.- BP)

The offer includes guide, ferry, taxes and fees, double room accommodation with half-board. Drinks, lunch and fuel costs are not included. Tour guide Michael (founder of Superb!)


Accommodation in simple inns or hotels. The roads in Switzerland are in a very good condition. We will enjoy our adventure in Switzerland on quiet roads with little traffic. These can at times be narrow and somewhat rough. Driving experience is necessary in order to enjoy the tour to the full. Travel program can be found here.

Registration deadline

two months before the start of the tour

Payment terms

The total amount is due after receipt of the confirmation of participation. Payable within 30 days.




Superb! Motorbike, Travel and Meaning (Superb!) offers trips in the whole of Europe. We know the Balkan and the CIS countries in depth. Individually travelling motorcyclists book tours from the wide range and the great experience of Superb! Groups ask for tailor-made Superb! trips according to their needs. Tours from and with Superb! enable to get to know countries and peoples, cultures and traditions as well as sights and natural beauties.


Conclusion of contract

With the signed registration, written or electronical, a legal contract is created between the tour member and Superb!. The services to be provided by Superb! are listed in the trip programme and/or possible additional terms, which are to be recorded in writing. The aim of the trip is to meet people, their cultures, the prevailing traditions, the beauties of nature and marvel at past and present buildings in the target countries. Rest and satisfying the appetite for adventure of the tour members are included.


Accommodation and Transport

In the Balkan, in the former Eastern Bloc and in the other target countries of Superb! the accommodation and sanitation facilities, roads and means of transport do not always correspond to the western, usual standard. We make every effort to book double rooms with separate beds. We cannot always guarantee these. We have no influence on the allocation of rooms.


Prices and payment terms

In principal, the package prices include the planning, guide and accommodation with breakfast. The transport of people, property, taxes, food, entrance fees, round trips and any visa fees are only included if expressly mentioned in writing. The costs depend on the information in the detailed travel programme. Superb! has restricted the group side to 6-12 participants. Other group sizes are available on request. The price offered is based on a group of 12 participants. If the maximum group size is not reached, the price offered can be increased up to CHF 100.- per participant. Exchange rate fluctuations can affect the prices offered and are to be covered by the participants. The total travel costs are to be payed by the latest 30 days before the start of the trip, in Swiss Francs (amount received by Superb!).



In the package price, a contribution of CHF 50 per participant is included that will go to the project “We, children of Moldova”.


Cancellation or premature termination of the trip

Travel expenses do not include insurance. All necessary insurance, e.g. for motorbikes, accident and illness abroad, cancellation costs, return travel and luggage insurance are the exclusive responsibility of the participants. If there is no insurance, the participant is personally liable. For the cancellation after the registration of a trip with Superb!, the following costs, are to be covered by the customer as a percentage of the full arrangement:


Up to 42 days before departure 20%

Up to 35 days before departure 30%

Up to 28 days before departure 40%

Up to 21 days before departure 50%

Up to 14 days before departure 80%

Up to the start of the trip 100%

Non-appearance at the place of departure 100%


The services bought by Superb! such as transport tickets, visa costs or similar things are to be paid in full.


If the trip has to be terminated, Superb! cannot refund the package price. Superb! shall, however, make every effort, as far as possible, to reimburse part of the services not used. The cost of the return journey, including any accompanying person, shall be covered by the participant. We recommend taking out return travel and cancellation insurance.


With the valid registration the participant confirms that they are in good health and able to drive the tour. If the driving ability is not compatible with the group, Superb! can decide to exclude a participant. The package price cannot be refunded in this case.



If the trip does not comply with the contractual agreements, the tour guide or Superb! in Worb is to be notified immediately (oral, written, telephone or by e-mail). In the failure to do so, subsequent liability on the part of Superb! shall not apply.


In the case of a justified complaint and unless it is a minor shortcoming, Superb! will try to redress the situation within a reasonable period of time. Superb! is not liable for any events not caused by us.

 In the case of disagreements, we will always try to find a solution together that serves both sides.

Place of jurisdiction is Berne, Switzerland.